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Charlotte Nichole, Award Nominated Blogger Shares Her Interior Inspo.

Meet Charlotte Nichole, Award nominated UK Lifestyle and Interior Blogger and creator of Letterbox Magazine. After nearly 10 years of lifestyle blogging, Charlotte created the completely digital, home interior magazine : Letterbox. When she’s not creating content for her blog or magazine, she’s working with wedding businesses to create content for their sites.


'I started blogging just before heading to university. I was told it would be a great thing to show potential unis and well I just started. I really wasn’t keen on it at all but I slowly realised it was my own space where I could say and write about anything I wanted. It quickly snowballed and honestly I don’t remember a time where I did have my blog as an outlet.'

WHAT SPURRED YOU ONTO STARTING LETTERBOX MAGAZINE, CAN YOU TELL THE READERS ABOUT THE PROCESS OF CREATING IT? 'Letterbox was funnily enough a spur of the moment thing. I have always loved page design and magazines but I never got to do it for any purpose. My passion for interiors has grown rapidly since owning my own home and I married my two passions together. I design, write and publish most if not all the content. There is a team of fellow bloggers who occasionally provide content but most of the time I am creating content as well as designing and producing. It’s certainly tough work but I love it. It gives me a platform that isn’t as a person and rather a brand.'

WHAT INTERIOR TRENDS ARE YOU LOVING CURRENTLY? 'Oh there’s so much I love at the moment. I love dark woodwork. So I love dark coloured skirting boards and door frames. They add some really drama and interest to what can be a really boring part of a room. I also adore patterned tiling, in any space, as long as it’s the right space! Used in a entrance hallway, in a kitchen and even in your garden, patterned tiles can pop in your home and add classic style. There is no denying panelled walls are hugely popular and a gorgeous trend. It’s another trend that can work in every home but just don’t go overboard. Most of the time less is more and using panelling as a feature can bring classic style, interest and a focal point into a bland space.

I love colour. Grey has become so popular in homes and it is a great shade to incorporate, but honestly the time has passed for all grey. It is such a versatile shade that can work with many different colours. It's so easy to adopt other colours into your home beside grey, including blush, green, yellow and navy. Combining grey with colour is one of the best styles to update your home in 2020.' 

DO YOU HAVE ANY TIPS AND TRICKS ON WAYS TO MAKE A HOUSE FEEL LIKE A HOME? 'This is a great question, and unfortunately it’s not just one thing it’s a combination of various things. Firstly it’s personality. I believe a real home captures your own personality. If you’re a calm and collected individual you’ll prefer a serine colour palette and minimalistic decor. If you’re energetic you’d want your home to be packed with colour and patterns. Reflect on what you want to emanate in your home . Secondly, it’s comfort. Bare your own comfort in mind in every decision, above trend too. Pick a large sofa if you’re a Netflix binger, layer cushions and throws if you’re a stay in bed Sunday gal, choose fluffy rugs if you want cosy. We spend a lot of time in our homes, so it’s best it’s truly comfortable for you and your lifestyle. Know that no-ones home is ever finished and often chops and changes with seasons and in taste. Just be true to what you like, items you enjoy and spaces you will be happy to spend time within - endlessly. Thirdly, a home is created with the love of it. A home really shows the love when you put thought and feeling into everything you do. Choose things you like, styles you love and colours you enjoy. You really can tell when someone doesn't love their home as it lacks love in the decor.'  YOU WERE A FINALIST FOR THE AMARA INTERIOR BLOG AWARDS IN 2019, WHERE WOULD YOU WANT YOUR BLOG TO BE IN 5 YEARS? 'I still can’t quiet believe I was a finalist - it was a real honour and I’m not sure it will happen again! But hopefully it does haha. Honestly I’m not sure! I’d just like to continue to grow myself and maybe the blog at the same time. I’m loving Letterbox, so my main aim is to grow that as a brand and get into as many peoples email box as possible, sharing lots of hints and tips for their homes.' If you want to be further inspired by Charlotte, follow her instagram @charlonichole, her blog page and her magazine.

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