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Tamika Arnold: All About Self Love.

Meet Tamika Arnold, she runs a mindset and self-love blog with the aim to help women create change in their life. I am currently pivoting into branding and instagram tips which will be coming soon! Over on my instagram I love to show my personal style, create a cosy vibe as well as writing mindset, branding/Instagram tips.


'I started my blog and Instagram after coming out of a toxic relationship and choosing the wrong career five years ago, which lead to three years of depression and anxiety. I spent those years dealing with mindset blocks and I couldn’t see a way out. I had so many dreams and ambitions, but I couldn’t accept myself. One day, I woke up and decided that I can no longer have a victim mentality and I decided to start creating change in my life by showing up for myself, starting what I had put off regardless of whether I had a plan or not and tackling my limiting beliefs. I am still on my journey to accepting and loving myself but I wouldn’t trade those experiences as it has made me who I am today.'


'Here are some tips that have helped me create change in my life: 

Take action - what you speak into existence comes true when you just start.  Set goals and break them into sections e.g. weekly, monthly and yearly.⠀ Start working on your mindset - understand your thought patterns, write down your negative habits and make a plan of action to begin creating change in your life. Be grateful - small wins are still won (what you have now is what you dreamed of having five years ago).⠀ Keep learning by taking courses.⠀ Invest in yourself. Enjoy the process and appreciate where you are, don’t think about numbers or what hasn’t happened yet. Stay consistent.⠀ Remember a bad day isn’t a bad life (talk to your friends, be yourself, and don’t focus on others opinions).⠀ Journal - write down your thoughts, goals, plans, etc. Practice daily affirmations.'

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO START A JOURNALING EBOOK? 'Journaling has been a big part of my life after being in a really bad place mentally. I started journaling properly three years ago when I decided to start creating change in my life and document my journey, and it has been the foundation of what has helped me in times of confusion and uncertainty.  I created the 'Creating Change Through Journaling' Ebook for women who have no clue where to start with journaling or feel stuck. I want journaling to be, not only an outlet for women but a place where they can understand themselves, change their mindset and take action. I knew that if I could create change in my life through journaling, so could others.'

THERE ARE OTHER THEMES OF BRANDING AND CONTENT CREATION ON YOUR BLOG, CAN YOU GIVE THE READERS SOME INSIGHT TO THIS? 'As my page started to grow, I began becoming interested in branding and Instagram growth. After finding a theme that fits perfectly, I started messing around with different things to see which works best. The foundation of branding for me is making sure a colour scheme is in place so my feed portrays a certain emotion when others come onto it - this colour scheme should also be on your blog, website and across other channels.  Branding is so important for those building a personal brand on Instagram - Instagram is essentially our individual portfolios.  I enjoy creating templates for my stories, checking analytics, creating polls to find out what my audience likes and dislikes, and learning new things to help me grow.

My top eight essential apps are InstaSpace for spaces in your captions, Lightroom CC for presets and editing, Mextures to get a vintage feel on your pictures, UNUM for feed planning, InShot for quick and easy video editing, Canva and Over for design and MilkShake for your direct links.  I will be doing so many more posts and tips on branding/Instagram in the future where I’ll go in-depth a lot more.'

WHAT QUOTES DO YOU LIVE BY AND WHY? 'There are so many quotes that I live by but the two quotes that I love recently are: “In order to become the 1%, you must do what the other 99% won’t” “Start with the end in mind.”

These are my two favourite quotes because it is so important to be that one percent - creating change and just starting is my motto. It is also important to always envision your end goal and start with the end goal in mind - this helps you to manifest and feel the feelings of where it is you want to go.'

WHERE DO YOU WANT YOUR BLOG AND CONTENT CREATION TO GO IN THE FUTURE? 'In the future, I would love to have my own journal, notebook and accessory business and coach others so they are able to create change in their lives. I want my blog to be a place that’s always accessible and valuable to my audience so they’re always able to learn and grow.'

If you want to be further inspired by Tami follow her on Instagram @tamikarnold and her blog at https://tamikaarnold.com.

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